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Rave Reviews for Down Wind & Out of Sight

  • "Startlingly original. Unique plot, unique characters, and some really serious ideas make this offbeat thriller thoroughly captivating reading."

  • “So compelling! I don’t know how you managed to create your own stand-alone genre, but you seem to have done it.”

  • "This book contains an extremely enjoyable story and a strong cast, borne along by a supple writing style."

  • "A vivid cast of characters bonded by the drive to survive, led by a striking protaganist. So different from anything I have ever read before."

  • “I am astounded by its unique qualities. This is a stunning book.”​​​​

  • "It's an unforgettable thriller, full of dramatic action and surprising twists. It will take readers to unexpected places and leave them breathless at the end."

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