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Autumn 2022

Down Wind and Out of Sight is an Award-Winning genre-bender, honored in the 2022 American Fiction Awards in three separate categories.


Down Wind is a strikingly original suspense thriller, populated with unforgettable characters and loaded with bizarre twists and quirky science. It takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride from the Australian outback to a top-secret US government research facility and into the astonishing electronics lab of an adolescent autistic savant. On the other hand, the novel is a compassionate and moving exploration of the unique emotional bonds forged by an improbable cast of damaged and marginalized characters linked by the drive to survive.  


These unique characters, thrown together by chance, evolve into a “found family” struggling to live secretly and illegally on a vast Maryland waterfront estate. The teen-aged savant’s electronics experiments trigger a series of catastrophes, deaths...and ultimately lead to murder. When an intensive federal investigation closes in, each character must confront life-threatening challenges, resulting in a final shocking conclusion.


Escalating suspense, sharply-drawn characters and dialogue crackling with wit and humor combine to make this a riveting page-turner. Reviewers have called Down Wind and Out of Sight “stunning,”  “a remarkable and unforgettable thriller," and “an intelligent study of how much people reveal when they are trying to hide.”

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