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Doug's Latest Book: 


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All the Ingredients You Need for an Off-the-Wall Adventure:

  • A grisly murder that shocks residents of a quiet lakeside village.

  • A once-famous architect forced into retirement by advancing age who slides into a life of crime in order to make ends meet.

  • The cagey local sheriff struggling to bring a major rural crime ring to justice.

  • Millions in stolen bullion stashed in a secret tunnel.

  • A world-famous goldsmith savoring the challenge of fencing huge amounts of illicit gold.

  • A riveting assortment of bad guys, good guys, and eccentric small-town personalities.

  • Plots, schemes, stings and double-crosses galore, plus a rich smorgasbord of felonies and misdemeanors, all salted with plenty of twists and turns.


Assemble the pieces and connect the dots, and Old Dogs, New Tricks emerges as a nonstop action novel set in the rolling farmland of central Wisconsin, all told through a narrator’s voice sharp enough to cut a diamond.


Once you meet Victor Harding, straight-arrow sheriff Gilbert Rennie, crime kingpin Gunnar Spaaks, and the outrageous Delia Chamberlain, you won’t soon forget them ‒ or this strikingly original book. Enjoy the ride!

©2020 by Douglas Richardson, Novelist.

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