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I’m pleased to announce that Down Wind and Out of Sight is drawing worldwide attention. Pictured are recent book signings in Bangalore, India, and Goa, India, with more signings scheduled in Doha (Qatar), and London. The book has now been nominated for four literary awards and continues to receive enthusiastic reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.


Down Wind and Out of Sight, is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover or e-book. Or you can buy the book through the Archway Publishing Book Order Department (844-669-3957).

I welcome your support in helping Down Wind and Out of Sight generate as much buzz as possible as it comes out of the starting blocks.  After you finish Down Wind and Out of Sight, please post a quick review on Amazon or   At the crucial book launch stage, reader reviews are extremely important in generating the kind of word of mouth that results in inclusion in publishing industry catalogs and reviews, nominations for awards, further exposure, and still more exposure. All solid gold for a debut author. Please help.