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Pre-publication reviews of Down Wind and Out of Sight are coming in, and it looks like I may have accomplished what I set out to write. Take a look at the Early Reviews Tab and see what a variety of readers are saying.

Down Wind and Out of Sight is now “in press,” as the old saying goes – fully written and now slogging through the seemingly interminable process of line editing, copyright checks, Library of Congress registration, cover art polishing, mock-ups, blue lines, et cetera and more cetera.  


Whoever said that giving birth to a book is 12% writing and 88% percent other stuff had it right: authorship and production are two entirely different things. Even in the modern era of digital printing, everything seems to take forever.

Still, publication is now in sight, and the process of marketing can begin, a novel challenge (no pun intended, but pun acknowledged) in today’s postmodern, mid-Covid, and entirely digital literary universe. We hope to have books in print and e-books up on Amazon within weeks, and we will welcome your reviews. 


This book's gestation has been an arduous learning process, but, all in all, an engaging adventure for a 75 year old author navigating the world of fiction with a debut novel.

Meanwhile, my second novel, Old Dogs, New Tricks, is largely complete and undergoing final re-write. With lessons learned from the first novel, getting the new book to market will be a lot faster and a lot smoother.  I can hardly wait, and I hope you can’t, either.